Dear Nerd


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Dear Nerd,

I’m 14 years old and I’m have the most difficult time having a close relationship with my parents. They never let me do anything. I feel neglected sometimes, we never spend any time together and I feel like they know nothing about me. When they do talk to me it’s like they’re always just yelling at me, what am I doing wrong? I’d like them to be involved with my life but I feel every time I try to get close with them they just push me away. I start to feel very angry when I try to talk to them so it’s like there’s never a chance to work things out thoroughly, what should I do?





I know being a teenager is difficult and things get a little embarrasing to talk about like sex, boys, friend problems and maybe personal problems also, but your parents were teenagers at one point and they know what it’s like. At your age it’s resonable that you’re always going to want to be out with friends, and sometimes your parents don’t let you go out but, understand this world is now filled with violence and problems. Sometimes it’s better you stay home. Sit down and talk to your parents let them know how you really feel and how you would like things to be with them, if your anger is starting to come out take a deep breath and calm down before exchanging words with them. They are always going to be the ones that have the best advice, and if you never make the effort to talk to them things will never get better. Just take things step by step and things will get better, it takes time and patience, they’re your parents they’ll come around!

I Love You

I started off a lonely broken-hearted girl

Not knowing what the true definition of “love” was

Not understanding why brake ups hurt so much

And how so powerful “It’s over” could be

No longer wanting to give trust to a man ever again

I had completely given up

But then I met you

My cold and lonely nights were no longer blue

From the first kiss I knew this was true

Your hugs bring so much warmth to my body

It’s like I can’t compare you to nobody

With all the cute things you say

It always seems to brighten up my day

There’s no one else I rather be with than you

November 24th my wish came true

I give you my heart, trust and honesty

Just promise to no longer let my days be blue,

I love you.

Reflecting on Something

Have you ever had a really bad arguement with a parent(s)? I’m not just talking about because you didn’t take out the trash, but because of the person you were dating. I and many other people my age(14) are that time where they aren’t little kids but young adults. We are at the age where we’re able to make SOME wise choices and as you can tell I’m reflecting this on an argument my dad and I had. It started out like this. I’ve had a boyfriend my dad knew nothing about, while the rest of my family did because he has issues on skin color and stereotyping. My reason for not telling him was because I know how he can get and when I did tell him he flipped out. Ever since then we haven’t spoken. I won’t go into much detail but I have some questions for you.

Do you think it’s fair for a parent(s) to tell you who to date because of race, background or past?

Do parent(s) stereotype a person because of how the world sees everyone or because it’s how they truly see people?

What would be your way of going about with things if you were in this position?

Here’s my end to this, a parent(s) shouldn’t tell you nonsence about the person your dating because of race, background or past. There’s good and bad in every race and to stereotype because that’s how the world catagorizes them is unfair. Parents should get to know them there’s decentsy to everyone. We live in a world with all kinds of people no need for the nonsence, this may be nothing to some but other may know what this is like.

8th Grade Surviver

It was the end of 7th grade year

Not realizing 8th was so near,

I’m in 8th grade now and everything is do different

My head is tossing and turning with all the new learning

Learning that school is not just filled with numbers and history

But drama drama drama

It’s like they weren’t raised by their mamas’

It’s so hard to keep focus on my school work and myself cause all you here is she said he said when they don’t even know what was really said

Girls going back and forth with each other

When really they aren’t different from the other

Where is the love that was once there

Back then it was nothing but bestfriends and boys have cooties

Now all they care about is getting into my goodies

I don’t ask myself, “What has the world come to?”

But what has school come to?

I don’t care about being pretty or having the most boyfriends

Cause at the end they’ll leave you for your friends

I aint’ doing nothing but surviving 8th grade

The Girl I Was Never Meant To Be

I got so caught up trying to be cool

Dissing my real friends skipping school

No longer caring where i’d end up next

Not even having protected sex

I no longer attend school and i’m only 16

Pregnant, with the father nowhere to be seen

Before the skipping, dissing, and not caring about school

All I did was make A’s and B’s

Now all I do is see

See the friends that used to be mine

See the education I could have made mine

Im’ nothing but a highschool drop out with the baby on the way

This is the girl I was never mean’t to be

All I did was try to be cool

Now I don’t even know what to do!


The two issues I believed are significant are abortion and child abuse. First off abortion is done by females that don’t want their child because either they don’t want their parents finding out, don’t want a baby, want to keep moving on with their life ect. If females want to take away the life of a child, then stay abstinent or take a different path besides abortion like adoption. I strongly believe that if this is considered a crime, which is it why don’t females get charged for this? Just like any other person murdering someone a female is doing this when they abort a child. Child abuse ties into this because if your going to be verbally or physically abusing a child then you don’t need to be responsible for that child, they’re are other places that child could be like in adoption home waiting to be adopted by a family that really wants a child to be loved and cared for. There is always other choices for a child, never should they ever have to go through a rough as a child because they feel neglected at home because I do believe these things happen is because parents don’t want that child. If you don’t want that child don’t make it harder for them abusing or neglecting that child because you don’t want them than it is hard for the parents to be putting up with the stress.